Wi-Fi Booster Receiver Antenna to Improve Your Laptop Signal

wifi booster receiver

Wi-fi becomes an important thing for people who are living in this modern technology era. You will really frustration when there is no connection or your wi-fi signal getting down on your devices. If you are getting a weak and a bad wi-fi network coverage on your laptop, you have to try to boost your wi-fi signal by using a powerful Wi-Fi booster receiver antenna. There are many receiver antenna types available on the market today. Here are some receiver antenna types which can be the best choice for improving your laptop’s wi-fi signal.

What is a Wi-Fi Booster Receiver Antenna?

A wi-fi receiver antenna can be described as a device which used for boosting your laptop’s signal detection range greater than your bundled wireless card. This receiver antenna can be a great solution when your laptop wi-fi signal getting down due to interference like router location, building construction and another interference that can make you hard to get a good signal. Wi-fi receiver antenna is commonly designed in DBi ratings, 2dBi or 5dBi. If you are looking for the best antenna for picking up the weaker signals, the 5dBi will be a good choice. But, you may choose 2dBi if you want to maintain stronger connections to stronger signals.

Edimax EW-7833UAC

The Edimax EW-7833UAC is the type of a small and powerful antenna that combined with many features for supporting a wide range of platforms. This antenna has four total antennas and can be adjusted 180 degrees, LINUX support, and fast Bitrate. But, if your laptop has the latest versions of Windows, this Edimax may be incompatible with your latest Windows OS.

TP-Link Archer T2UH

The TP-link Archer T2UH is one of a solid Wi-Fi booster receiver antenna for your laptop. This antenna is supported by the bundled USB 3.0 cable helps you to reach the maximum signal. With a reasonable price, this antenna is compatible with Windows OS. But, this TO-Link Archer T2Uh has slower maximum bitrate than the other competitors and also the single 2dBi antenna.

Alfa Dual-Band AC1200

If you are looking for the best receiver antenna that can connect your far wi-fi router easily, the choosing of Alpha Long Range Dual-Band AC1200 is a good choice. Although it has a larger body it is very lightweights too. This antenna is supported by dual remover 5dBi antennas that make it powerful. This receiver antenna may be more expensive than the other competitor, but you will get more advantages when you using this antenna than the disadvantages.

When your wi-fi signal on your laptop is getting weak and down, installing a Wi-Fi booster receiver antenna may be a good solution to fix that problem. A receiver antenna will help you to boost your laptop’s wi-fi signal detection range greater while there are interferences around you. There are some receiver antenna can be installed to improve your laptop Wi-Fi signals such as Edimax EW-7833UAC, TP-Link Archer T2UH, and Alfa Dual-Band AC1200. Choose the best ideal receiver antenna that compatible with your laptop devices and get a stronger and faster Wi-Fi signal speed for your laptop.

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